Feature-length Screenplays:

Black Gold* (© Averi Israel, 2016)

1910. When Jones Morning becomes “property of the state” after a wrongful conviction in the backcountry of Chicory Creek, Alabama, Grace, the matriarch of the Morning family, treks into the dangerous world of Ashby Mines to rescue her husband and keep their family unit intact. 

Starts Conversations About: criminal justice reform, Reconstruction, mining, The Black Family, US history, displacement, authority, reification of the human body, literacy, sacrifice 

* Scored within the top 15% of The Acadamy Nicholls Fellowship in Screenwriting.

“The writing is strong, with a good command of language and craft. Many of the sequences have a poetic feel yet they still propel the story at a good pace while painting a picture of the surroundings and times. The writing is clear and offers a voice which evokes beauty even in the midst of the terrible events that are portrayed. This contributes to the magic of the piece as well.” – Reader One

“It’s a look into a world that in some ways still feels too familiar and that helps make this script relevant for today’s audience.” – Reader Two

“The idea touches on an important and little recognized ugly history in the United States when these types of schemes were employed. (For that matter, a Judge in Pennsylvania was recently convicted in a similar kickback scheme involving juveniles). So this idea is both fresh and still timely in some ways.” – Reader Three


Annalusia (© Averi Israel, 2013, 2014)

An All-American high school quarterback tries to “win back” his ex-girlfriend, who’s caught in the middle of a city-wide scandal echoing through the mountains of small-town Annalusia, WV.

Starts Conversations About: football, gender roles,  prom, high school, divorce, West Virginia, mining, celebrity, feminism, stigma against mental illness, agency, doing the most, braces, the ’80s, Run DMC, parents just don’t understand…




Eyes to See

Writer, Director, Editor, Spring 2013

An original short film written for Columbia University’sLaboratory in Fiction Filmmaking.



Young Life Greater NY Summit

DP, Editor, Winter 2016, 2017

Scrapbook for organization’s annual leadership summit.


CruNYC (formerly Here’s Life Inner City) Boxes of Love Campaign

Editor, Fall 2011

Changed Life and Changed Perspective are two of four videos from the Here’s Life Inner City 2011 Boxes of Love Campaign. The videos were used to publicize the campaign, which collected, filled, and distributed over 3,500 Thanksgiving dinners to families in need.